General Comprehensive Health Check for a Man in Dublin?

Discussion in 'Health Insurance and healthcare costs' started by Frank, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I have booked the car in for a service at the end of the month.
    It struck me that I should probably get a check on the body too.

    Like most men I don't visit the doc too often, touch wood little need to.
    I accept that the car needs regular checks but tend to neglect myself.

    Can anyone recommend where to go

    Visit my Doctor and go through him.
    Go to the Mater Private and spend 700 quid

    or is there a good in between

    I am 40 and carrying a bit of extra timber otherwise not too bad I think :)
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    If you have health insurance there is sometimes a free health screening included. I think money spent on a health screening would be money well spent, especially if it included blood tests.
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    It depends on what you are getting for your €700. Your GP can do most blood tests, BP, heart rate, ECG and even a prostate exam. The private hospitals will do all that and then tack on some additional scans/tests that you may or may not need. I did this 10 years ago at The Well, a clinic at Sandyford. Good and included a cardiac CT scan and eye scan plus hearing, stress etc. Cost best part of the €700 but that included the CT scan. Reassuring at the time.
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    Many things can kill us and as we have seen on previous threads on mens health and we know we are far behind the female of the species on healthcare. We can have a daily attendance at the gym, jog at lunchtime, walk the soles off our new €150.00 trainers at the weekend, look far more bronzed than Hughie but inside our skin we have no idea of how healthy/unhealthy we are.

    1. We ignore the warning signs, blood in urine, running several times per night to the toilet, wetting much of the time, dying to pee immediately after another one, running to the toilet during the day. We endure pees that would have difficulty in filling an egg cup. We'll talk about Trump, Obama, Kenny, Paisley but never ourselves. Sure, it won't happen to me . . . then we have no choice but visit a Urologist. We pray that the initial scope test won't hurt (least of the problem) but something is preventing a full test. Because of our careless approach over time, now an operation is necessary for further investigations after which we pray that whatever was there didn't spread from the prostate to the bladder or even further. (At this stage you've paid around €600 in private health insurance excess).

    2. We're fit, but after a walk we are caught for breath. There is difficulty in climbing the stairs. Good sleep is a rarity. Cutting the grass is getting more difficult, but don't mind that, I used to play hurling, rugby and soccer in my youth. My heart is as strong as O'Connell Bridge and beating with a vengeance. Open heart surgery on the way. Possible life support for a time. Certainly critical status for few days after surgery.

    I know, I'll get that medical test before we go on holidays next year . . . or the year after. A great funeral though . . . He was a genuinely nice guy . . . wouldn't listen to anybody . . . local five-a-side cup played in his honour after work.
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    Agree with another poster on checking with your health insurance to see what is covered in it. If it is covered there, it is normally restricted on a number of centres.

    Charter Medical in Smithfield is another option. Remember you will have to be fasting from the night before, so a place convenient for home/work is always recommended - especially if you have school/childcare drop off in the morning

    I think I would not do the GP as a first one if I could afford to go elsewhere. I would do the GP one every second year and the more comprehensive one each 2-3 years. Most healthcare plans only cover this every 2 years in any event. Also should consider what other screening they have available - e.g. Laya has the heartbeat screening programme every two years.

    @Leper I smiled at your comment. When I done one a few years ago I went straight to work afterwards. I had a meeting but asked the guy to meet me in the coffee place next door instead (I was starving and running late). Explained why I was late and wanted food. Nothing would convince him but I was ill - sure why else would I be going to the doctor ! He was probably in his mid-40's at that stage. Within a week about 10 people in the place asked me if I was ok and had the results of my tests come back yet !