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    I work for a large Irish employer for over 10 years. 2 years ago I was offered a more senior position. After a month of negotiating I was offered a 5% pay increase plus a further performance related salary increase after 6 months in the new position which was written into my amended terms of employment. However to date I have not had the pay review. HR ignored me for 12 months and I finally sat with HR and management 2 months ago and they advised they were supporting a pay increase. They were going to bench mark my salary against colleagues doing same role and it would take 4 weeks to complete.

    I am paid approx 20% lower my colleagues as they were recruited externally into our team. I've been chasing HR since meeting 2 months our and was just advised the increase is awaiting sign off from our business director then from our HR director. They won't share the increase amount until it's signed off.

    Appreciate any advice on how I should proceed here? Our business are reducing staff by voluntary leaving currently.

    Many thanks
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    What's the position of your line manager? If they're not supporting your cause, it'd be a significantly more difficult position to be in.
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    Line manager and next manager up supporting pay increase and completed case for director and HR to sign off it's not passed these yet. Also I was offered it in writing in my amended employee contract...
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    I suggest a formal request, in writing, to your line manager and c.c. that to the ultimate "decision maker" to please deal with the matter as per the contractual undertaking.

    Conceptually, if you remain silent in the face of a breach of contract your silence can eventually constitute your agreement to what is happening - known as laches.