VHI Company Plan Starter renewal alternatives?

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    My sister's renewal is this Friday (06/01/17) and she asked me about alternatives. I suggested she pay a bit more for VHI PMI 44 16 or the Laya Simplicity plan. Can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative to Company Plan Starter with similar cover or a better plan for similar money (€800)?
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    The Company Plan Starter just has cover for public hospitals only, with day to day cover.
    There is the option of dropping day to day cover and switching to a plan with public hospital cover only.
    The savings 300 approx could be used for gp and medical expenses instead.
    1. Laya Future Protect; price 495pa; public hospital cover - semi private room.

    A similar priced plan with full hospital cover with a 500 euro excess - public, private and hi-tech hospital cover but no day to day cover.
    Details as follows;
    2. Laya Flex 500 Explore; price 757pa.

    If she was prepared to increase the premium to 972pa;
    3. Laya Control 300 Create; price 972pa; 3 levels of hospital cover, 300 excess, good day to day cover included, 1 euro excess. Also includes
    full cover for a private room in a private hospital.


    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Snowyb
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    Perfect. Many thanks.