Company electric car?


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Looking for some input please, currently I am using my own car (diesel) for business purposes approx 20k km PA & 5k personal ,the car will be 8 yrs old this year. With the increase in fuel costs I am now paying approx €500 pm which is probably only going to increase ! As second hand car value is high at the moment
,I would expect to get about €15k on a trade in, should I consider A)buying an electric car through my company B) leasing an electric car through the company c) Stay as is until I have to change. Thoughts much appreciated.


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Do you pay expenses to yourself for the vehicle from the company in line with current mileage rates?
This can be a great earner for those with EVs as you can still claim high mileage rates despite the cars being very cheap to run. This is likely to change in the near future though. These expenses are tax free.


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Alri - I tried to work through the calculations on this previously:

Take a look and see if they make sense, I didn't calculate the leasing option but it is definitely worth consideration.