Laya Company Care Plus Plan - Renewal on 31st December

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    I have been on the Company Care Plus plan for the last two years. I was previously with VHI for 20 years. I'm wondering if there is a cheaper plan with good day to day and good orthopaedic cover. I am aged 56 and living in the Munster region, and would probably have to travel to Dublin or further afield for Hospital cover. The Company Care plan has gone up again so wondering about good alternatives.
    Regards & Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    A very good alternative is called Simplicity plan with Laya, price 1087pa. Details as follows;
    Simplicity Plan; price 1087; all public, private and hi-tech hospitals covered as before, there is a max hospital excess of 100 x 2 per year - regardless of the number of admissions to private/hi-tech hospitals, day case excess 50 per visit to private/hi-tech hospitals.
    Day to day cover included - the first 100 not allowed.
    This plan has the extra cover for a private room in a private hospital, not covered on your current plan.
    The savings achievable on this plan will more than compensate for the excess difference.
    This is a new plan since December 2015, a lot of people on your plan switched to Simplicity last year.|656&source=plans

    Regards Snowyb
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    Thanks very much Snowyb