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Discussion in 'Redundancy, unemployment & jobseekers entitlements' started by bighig250, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Hi Folks

    I wonder if somebody could help me with a bit of advice

    Ive been unemployed and receiving Jobseekers Allowance since September 2015. After just finishing a Springboard course a couple of months ago, I'm now looking to go on a CE scheme. Now I know that the Springboard course is fine and that this wont exclude me from the CE scheme.

    My problem is this I worked for 4 days in September just gone (was let go), and I think that these four days now make me ineligible for a CE scheme. Could anybody clarify this for me. Surely four days work in a year and a half cant rule me out. I really want to try to get back to work in some shape or form...