Commercial property tenant's rights

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    What protection/rights does a longterm tenant (12 years plus) of a commercial property have when the property is being sold by the landlord?

    There is no lease in place and the rent is paid up to date.

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    Tenant needs to get proper legal advice but see below

    Section 16 of
    Landlord and Tenant Act 1980 provides that a tenant will be entitled to a new tenancy at the expiry of his existing lease if he can prove one of the following equities

    • Business equity-if the tenant was in occupation for 5 years continuously and was using the premises/tenement for business purposes (this period used to be 3 years); temporary breaks can be disregarded by the courts. The five year period only applies to tenancies/leases which commence after 10 August 1994 and the tenant must occupy the tenement for the entire period