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Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Sarah, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Sarah

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    Am going to try tackle the hall stairs and landing in the house quite soon...we have the average hall stairs and landing of a 4 bed house plus another small landing and stairs up to the attic conversion(4th bedroom!) can anyone recommend a nice colour paint for this as i want to paint it all one colour. THe doors are white as are the skirting boards and frames. THe hall is quite dark so would like something brightish but not too gaudy or striking...something calm. And how many pots of paint would i need for a job like this?
    Thanks a mill x
  2. annR

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    I know it's boring but why not go for pale yellow / magnolia. It will do well in terms of light, it's calm. You can always add colour via wall pictures / lamps / rugs / plants. How many pots you would need I haven't a clue. Estimate the area of wall you need to cover and ask again then.
  3. Tarquin

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  4. Bamhan

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    Courtyard Cream in Dulux is a lovely rich warm colour but not too strong.
  5. Sarah

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    Had a look at shandon on the dulux web site and it dosent look looks to me like a kind of light peach?? Cream is already on the walls and its a bit bland for my taste and already have two bedrooms painted different shades of yellow so was looking for a different colour but thanks for the opnions. My Kicthen is painted Torc - dark green by dulux so i suppose painting another shade of green would look too much? Anyway...keep the replies coming...its hard to pick a colour as when it finally covers all the walls it can look VERY different!!!
  6. Deirdra

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    Dulux Flaxen white - not too boring or creamy - just perfect!!
  7. sloggi

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    wallpaper....its back in fashion again. or just do wall opposite the stairs in hall downsatirs in wallpaper with a contrasting/complementing colour paint going stairs-landing-stairs!!
  8. Sarah

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    Nice idea but way too much like hard work!!! As it is it will be a big enough job so dont fancy messing round with wallpaper!
  9. sloggi

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    i agree, though thinking of doing something like that myself!! flicking through an interiors mag just there as buying lunch. aparently dulex have some new range of paint out where all the colours are complemtary or something. has a lovely pic of a pale green with white woodwork. looked lovely
  10. triona

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    We painted the hall and landings in our last house rustic red from Dulux (had to get it made up in a paint shop) on the side walls and Buttermilk from Dulux on all the end walls. This might not suit as you said your hall was quite dark but so was ours and we loved the colours. We had it painted yellow but found it impossible to keep clean.
  11. Thrifty

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    I would really go on the colours in the rest of the house. Are they cool and calm or bright and funky etc .... and whats the general feeling, mood that would describe your house. As the hall and landing are connecting the rooms - you kindof want it to flow. I would be inclined to look at the paints you have choosen. Look at paint leaflets and see what mood the colours you've got fall into then consider the other colours in that range/ tone. You could also go fairly neutral but use pictures wall hangings to connect to the rooms. Eg white hall and stairway with brightly coloured print at top.
  12. gnashers

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    If you get a chance to pick up a copy of house & home for June they have an article on hallways that might help you.
    There was one I really liked that was painted a very pale aqua colour with a coordinating wall paper on the wall at the return of the stairs ( or I guess you could do top o f the stairs if there is no return) They had fixed a stripped runner to the floor from the front door through to the kitchen and then used acessories (lamp shades, cushions on bench) to pick out some of the colours from the runner.
    reading this back it doesn't sound great but it looked really nice.

  13. nelly

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    i would second Shandon. Its yellow but not pasty as we have a dark hall as well and it looks great in it. If its dark then Magnolia and other whites can look a bit gray.
  14. purplealien

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    harvest white - i think it's by dulux. Lovely warm colour
  15. Winnie

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    Toasted Almond by Crown (?) is very nice - kind of beige (sounds Yuck) but actually v classy.
    Mine is yellow but getting a bit sick of it.........
    I like the sound of the pale aqua colour above tho.....
    alternatively as said above - go for one striking dark wall and the rest neutral bright colour to keep light
  16. Henny Penny

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    Ours is wedgewood blue ... which picks up the white woodwork really well. The downside is that dark colours are very difficult to keep looking fresh ... if I was painting my hall again I would probably go for a duck egg colour to brighten up the hall.
  17. lorna

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    i put daffodil white from dulux on my hallway and landing - looks great - it is really a posh name for very very pale lemon.
  18. justsally

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    Hello Sarah,

    You could (1) buy a couple of miniature sample pots of the colours you think you might like and some lining paper - (2) cut out some large squares of the wallpaper lining paper and paint them with the testers - (3) place them in the various locations on your walls and see what the colours look like in situ!!. That's what I do and it works well. You will get an idea of the amount of paint you require from the side of the tin. When you have finished the job keep a small amount of the paint in a small sealed container, even a coffee jar. It saves storing those large tins with a small amount of left-over paint in the bottom of them.:D This is useful in case the wall gets a scuff mark that won't wash off or any accidental damage with furniture moving etc.


  19. phoenix

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    Farmhouse cream from Fired Earth. Lovely colour.
  20. Sarah

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    thanks for all the replies...a big help i like the idea of Shandon...only thing is i have quite a few other rooms painted yellow and seeing as the hall is bigish and long all the way up im not too sure if ill get sick of yellow...the beige from Crown sounds nice so ill have to check that out and love the idea of an aqua colour in the hall but just afraid it might be a bit too strong on the eyes! Ill have a look anyway and thanks a mill again!