Colortrend Prime 2 vs Zinsser BIN

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by valery, Nov 14, 2017 at 12:02 PM.

  1. valery

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    My interior doors currently have gloss paint on them. I want to paint them with satinwood, Colortrend waterbased.
    Which is best to use as a primer/undercoat. I was going to use Zinsser BIN but see that Colortrend make a waterbased primer, Prime 2
    Has anyone got experience of using either of these primers?
  2. Thirsty

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    Conventional advice is to sand thoroughly, but that's not easy esp. with panel doors. Give them a good clean, and wipe all over with easy surface primer and let it dry overnight. You should be fine then with the Colortrend. If you are able to do so, taking the door off the hinges and laying it flat (trestle or a couple of chairs) makes it much easier to paint; but you then have to rehang the doors.
  3. Jazz01

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    Hi - a painter I had in ( a few years ago ) to paint interior, used Zinsser BIN for the staircase spindles etc - he insisted on using that rather that anything else on the market - dunno was it just that is what he always used it or not.
  4. Prosper

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    Hi Valery, I was at the Ideal Homes Exhibition and spoke to the the Colourtrend expert. He said that their Prime 2 product is based on the BIN product. So if you have the BIN already then use it. Otherwise either one will do.
    However, do you need to use either one ? I would have thought a clean with sugar soap and then a light sanding with fine sandpaper and finally a wipe down with a cloth dampened with meths or white spirit would be sufficient prep. Unless the doors are heavily stained, in which case BIN or Prime 2 should be used first.
  5. valery

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    Thank you for your replies.
    My friends painter used BIN on her doors. The paint shop said Colortrend all the way and the painter who gave me an estimate, said neither would be suitable. He uses an oil based primer in this situation.
    My woodwork is not badly stained, just yellowed.
    Previously, in another room, doors with gloss paint were just sanded and then painted with water based satinwood, but the paint has chipped from the side.
    That’s interesting about prime 2and BIN being similar. Must check how they compare price wise.
  6. MoneyMary

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    Zinsser BIN is generally considered to be the best primer so I would use that. Maybe the new Colortrend primer is as good but I wouldn't rely on what the Colortrend guy said - of course he would say it's as good as the best known competitor. However the key to repainting is all in the sanding. If the doors got a thorough sanding, satinwood could be applied directly. But no one enjoys sanding so the alternative is a light sanding followed by Zinsser BIN followed by top coat. But some degree of sanding is essential.