Cleaning Glass Shower Doors - help.

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by sham_bo, 3 Apr 2007.

  1. sham_bo

    sham_bo Registered User

    anybody got any handy hints for effective cleaning of glass shower doors? have tried loads of things so far but no luck. cillit bang is quite good but i'm a bit dubious about it as i think it has a lot of corrosive-type ingredients.
    i've read about lemon oil for cleaning showers but have never found it...

    can any1 help??
  2. lorna

    lorna Guest

    i assume you are trying to remove limescale marks, try viakal.
  3. joanmul

    joanmul Frequent Poster

    Where can you get that?
  4. dave28

    dave28 Frequent Poster

    soak a cloth in vinegar, coat the door & dry off with dry cloth or kitchen paper - cheap, easy, no prob !!
  5. Bluebells

    Bluebells Frequent Poster

    Hi Sham_bo,
    What you need is a tub of stuff called 'Astonish', costs about a fiver, available everywhere. It will clean everything in your bathroom - mirrors, surfaces, windows, the bath, the taps. Put it on a damp cloth and rub vigourously. Just rinse or wipe it off before it dries. It is very very fine mild abrasive, no chemicals. It is also great for cleaning your hands.
    By the way, the best time to clean your shower is when you are actually taking a shower!!!!!!!! Happy Splashing
  6. Squire

    Squire Frequent Poster

    I'll second vinegar. Put some lemon juice in it to lessen the smell and aid the application. Once it's clean buy some of that shower spray that you use directly after having a shower, it does work in keeping it clean.
  7. lorna

    lorna Guest

    viakal can be bought in any major supermarket in the cleaning section
  8. priscilla

    priscilla Frequent Poster

    W5 limescale remover from lidl, costs about 3 euro and does the businesss well.
  9. ElizaDoALot

    ElizaDoALot Registered User

    I'll second the vinegar method. I use it all the time - and there are no abrasives in it so you don't need to worry about "smoky" looking shower-doors a few washes down the road.
    The limescale is basically an Alkali and the Vinegar/Lemon juice is Acidic - so one just neutralises the other - and hey presto!
    Good luck!

    (PS If you ever watch "House of Grime" they use it a lot too - plus you get some other handy tips)
  10. Spock

    Spock Frequent Poster

    When I stayed in a B&B in the UK once, the ladnlady had left a window cleaner (not sure of teh exact name, the type with the rubber strip, you'd pick one the cheap plastic onesup for a couple of euro) and a note to ask that you clean the door when done.

    I got one myself and cleaning the door just after the shower keeps it clean enough. It's more of a preventative measure I know, but may help in the future
  11. liteweight

    liteweight Frequent Poster

    We do that too, it makes cleaning much easier!
  12. mo3art

    mo3art Frequent Poster

    Elbow grease.
    I normally use one of those scrunchie shower things and a little bit of washing up liquid. Scrub away for about 20 mins and then it's all cleaned - followed up with a rinse down from the shower.
  13. tinkerbell

    tinkerbell Frequent Poster

    Just had great success this morning with Duck Magic Scrubs (Dunnes, Tesco, etc. stock it)!! Our glass doors on the shower had years of heaven knows what and I tried almost everything from the lemon/vinegar to many other less eco friendly stuff but nothing worked as well as those Magic Scrubs! Its like new again!! I hope to keep it clean regularly now with the vinergar/lemon mix.
  14. TreeTiger

    TreeTiger Frequent Poster

    It's a job I hate, but what works for me is spraying Cif bathroom cleaner on the glass, then about 5 minutes later wiping it all with a sponge. Then I use the shower to hose it down. Then, as the only way of doing this is by standing in the shower, I have to step out and dry myself! But the glass sparkles so it's worth it ... I think?
  15. Bluebells

    Bluebells Frequent Poster

    TreeTiger, do the cleaning when you have just finished showering!