Claiming VAT Back on Flight Purchases

Discussion in 'Tax' started by codex, 20 Jul 2006.

  1. codex

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    I am a sole trader, and fly frequently depending where the work takes me.
    Can I claim VAT on my flights I purchase and if so what Rate?

  2. howareya

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    You will need a vet invoice or receipt from whom ever you fly with. You Can't just impose a rate on what you paid as that amount you pay includes money for tax and ins etc.
  3. bazermc

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    As flights are exempt from VAT i.e no VAT was actually charged to you then you are not in a position to claim back the VAT
    as per howareya you cannot impose a VAT charge you must actually have been charged VAT and have an invoice supporting same
  4. codex

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    Thanks for your help. Yep there are no Vat details or charges on the flights, just taxes... no worries