Claiming fraud so that the 6 year statute of limitations does not apply.

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    I am not a lawyer, so I am open to correction on the following:

    A person can't make a legal claim for financial loss after 6 years due to the statute of limitations.

    So for example, if you were overcharged, 7 years ago, you can't take legal action.

    However, there is no time limit to claim fraud.

    I was not aware of the concept of "civil fraud" until recently. There is an interesting article on its use in Ireland here: Civil Fraud in Ireland

    Unfortunately, it does not extend the FSO's 6 year time limit, but you could still take a court case after 6 years.

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    I was told something similar by a barrister - if you could prove fraud then the statue of limitations (the 6 years) doesn't apply to your case