Civil Servant increasing pension to reduce net income to reduce child maintenance?

Discussion in 'Public sector pensions' started by celestialgrr, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    For the purpose of deciding on maintenance payments it seems the Judge bases his decision on the net income of my ex.

    I have a feeling my ex is pouring alot of money into his pension to reduce his net income so that he wont have to pay as much maintenance.

    Can anyone please tell me where I could find out how much of his income he must pay into his pension? He earns €63K without overtime and is a civil servant.

    I will really appreciate any advice you can give me.
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    Without knowing your ex's exact job and terms, I can only guesstimate that he would be paying 6.5% superannuation plus about 8% so called pension levy. Any additional contributions to pension might be through an AVC scheme or PRSA or, less likely, purchase of notional service or temporary service to his employer. You should look for specific figures under these headings if you can. Slim
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    If he's a civil servant, the pension rate is 1.5% plus the pension levy. Public servants pay 6.5%.

    These are for persons recruited before April 1995 - the percentages for post-95 entrants are slightly different because they pay full PRSI.
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    thanks AJ, Slim and gipimann, maybe I should ask my solicitor if I have a right to this information. I know it's also up to me to find a new job and support my kids but we're really struggling at the moment and it seems wrong that he could reduce his net income by pouring more than is required into pensions.
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    Do you have a formal separation arrangement in place? Did this cover the future value of his pension? I'm just wondering if you will get a share of the pension in the long run?
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    Thanks for your reply Complainer, no formal separation. I've raised the children by myself up until now but just can't manage at the moment. I had to go to court to get some maintenance it was a real emergency, the Judge made an interim order and since then each time we go back to court my ex declares less net income and the Judge reduces the order.