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  1. marie c

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    Hi, currently with Irish Life (Aviva) for 2 adults at €1,200 each per year.

    Have 2 children , 2 years and a new born and looking to get them on insurance. No issues with them.

    Rang Irish Life Health and was quoted €500 for each of them on our current plan, which seems excessive considering no GP fees etc. They looked up a different plan and again was quoted €500.

    Took a look at HIA website and see there is a "Irish Life Health Kick-off Plan" which is €200 per child. Only downside is Child Speech And Language Therapy is not included, which is max €240 back per year.

    Am I missing something?? Should we be paying upwards of e500 for a child? Or is the €200 option sufficient considering they are children?

    confused parent
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    marie c,

    The best value for children at the moment, is the half price offers with VHI.
    VHI allow children to be insured on their own, an adult is just named on the policy but just the children are insured.

    The following plan covers 3 levels of hospital cover, details as follows;
    1. One + Plan; price 145 per child; all public, private and hi-tech hospitals covered. No day to day expenses covered.|&source=plans

    With very young children like yours, public hospital cover is all thats needed.
    The hi-tech hospitals have childrens wards, but they only deal with children aged 3+.
    Regarding your newborn, you are entitled to add a newborn onto your own policy for free until your next renewal date, once its
    within 13 weeks of birth. I'm not sure if this timeline has expired in your case yet.
    Day to day cover would not be a necessity at this stage as they are entitled to free gp visits for under 6s.

    500 per child is way too expensive.
    There are plans available including day to day expenses which they could be upgraded to at an older age if required.|201|702|708&source=plans

    When is your own renewal date and what Irish Life plan are you on at the moment?

  3. marie c

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    Hi Snowyb

    Yes, e500 for a child is too much. Cant believe they even allow that price to be quoted for a child.

    My renewal was 31 Dec 2016. With Health Plan 28. My newborn was born before 31 December 2016 so no longer entitled to free year.

    I'll put them on their own policy. Appreciate the input.