Checklist for buying accessories for a new bike

Discussion in 'Cars, cycling and transport' started by PGF2016, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. PGF2016

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    Here's my list with some conflicting items:
    Rechargeable lights (USB for convenience) - 2 front, 2 back for redundancy.
    Extra light strips for arms / backpack as needed.
    Decent pump.
    Saddle bag with spare tube and tyre levers.
    Glasses with clear and tinted lenses (I use photochromic lenses)
    Winter gloves

    Edit: This post is more about accessories than the bike itself.
  2. Buddyboy

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    Bell - if not already supplied with the bike.
    Any sort of side reflectors - the more the better- large ones that clip between the spokes are very noticeable
    I also find a back light on the helmet is very noticeable - higher up seems to stand out a lot more that (or as well as) lights on the bike..