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    Where can one check the price of medication in Ireland.

    I have just bought a prescribed medication in the local chemist and paid just over 82 euros for 30 capsules which will do me for 15 days.

    Last month I was in the UK and bought 28 capsules, same manufacturer which cost me approx 38 sterling.

    When I paid the chemist here, I thought that I was paying for 56 capsules but when I got home, I discovered that the price was for just 30 capsules.

    Is there a site, medical/pharmacy association or government dept that can give me the correct price?
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    There's a hardcopy version of the above (MIMS) that contains retail prices as well as other information. If you are friendly with a medic, a nurse or a pharmacist they may let you have an old copy.
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    Then click on List of Reimbursable Items on the left.

    This should lead you to a list of all drugs, and what the HSE pays for them.
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    Wow, if I was to get my medication on a medical card the pharmacist would get paid €18.66, but paying cash it costs me €35.48
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    if you get a fridge item on your medical card that costs the pharmacist €100 he will get reimbursed €93.50, yes he makes a loss on it!!!