Check your credit card for €12 monthly to Complete Save or Complete Savings

Discussion in 'Banking, credit cards, etc' started by Brendan Burgess, 24 Mar 2014.

  1. suzie

    suzie Frequent Poster

    My Partner was stung by this, but did eventually get reimbursed

  2. maherr

    maherr New Member

    Noticed this on my bank statement. Absolute scam. This is facilitated, in my case, by Tickermaster.

    • I did not knowingly enter into an agreement to sign up to a monthly charged of $15.
    • I was not asked for visa details.
    • I did not receive any emails acknowledging any aspect of this arrangement.

    Absolute online scam
  3. Malaga Mag

    Malaga Mag New Member

    I have just checked my cc account and €15 has been taken from my cc. I certainly did not give anyone authority to do this and have not booked anything with companies mentioned so how is this possible. I am going to ring number you provided to get some answers.
  4. Malaga Mag

    Malaga Mag New Member

    Just spoke to Complete Savings agent and cancelled account and refund being put back on cc. Thanks for all your help. Mag.
  5. Julies

    Julies New Member

    Hi iv just noticed complete saving in my account taking out 12 Euro over several months I need to check how long , not sure how I did it could of been Ryanair.. could you plse give the number you phoned to get refund
    Thanks Julie
  6. Jazz01

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    Hi Julies.. more info on the initial post.. few links there too to read through...

  7. ajapale

    ajapale Moderator

    Is this Complete Savings thing still going?
  8. Daenis

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    yes i got offered the cashback on only yesterday - luckily for me i tend to read the small print so i didn't go through with it, but it would be very easy to get sucked in particularly if someone is familiar with the visa debit cashback schemes offered by aib and permanent tsb the complete savings could easily be mistaken as another free cashback opportunity.