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    What is the cheapest plan that covers up to special/cardiac in high tech hospitals. Happy to take the highest possible excess and no day to day cover.

    What would cheapest plan be if I gave up on mater private and black rock? Again happy to self fund any excess level.

    Thank you
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    The following plan covers all hospitals - public, private(including private room) and 3 hi-tech hospitals.
    There are no restrictions on orthopaedic cover like hip + knee replacement surgery in private or hi-tech hospitals. Details as follows;

    Laya Control 600 Connect; price 852pa; all public, private + 3 hi-tech hospitals covered,
    600 excess per private/hi-tech admission for a stay, 175 excess per private/hi-tech day case procedure. No excess or shortfall to pay for hip or knee replacement surgery in any private or hi-tech hospital. Limited day to day cover.

    The cheapest plan with just public and private hospital cover(no mater private or blackrock clinic) is as follows;
    Note; the list of private hospitals covered is restricted. Dublin hospitals covered are Hermitage Clinic and Santry Sports Clinic and just cardiac
    in a few others. Check list for other counties if relevant to yourself.

    1. Laya Precision 600 Connect; price 695pa; all public and restricted list of private hospitals covered. 600 excess per admission.


    2, VHI One Plan 500; price 769pa; all public and private hospitals covered on this plan but only 60% cover for hip and knee replacement
    surgery in private hospitals. Excess 500 x 2 max per year for admissions. Day case excess 150 per procedure.|254&source=plans

    So overall, Laya 600 Connect @ 852pa is best value plan, that ticks all the boxes to cover all hospitals and all types of surgery.
    I don't know your renewal date, but if its Jan 1st 2018, there may be changes to the above prices, details not available yet on HIA website.

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    Thanks so much snowb. Do laya allow you to put kids on a different plan and if so, do you know if they are running kids offers. Renewal date is 30th Dec but ok with delaying new plan until 1st jan if that makes a difference.
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    Yes, Laya allow you to put kids on a different plan and each child can be on an individual plan to suit their medical needs, if necessary.
    Laya will have a free kids offer on 2 health insurance plans with effect from 1 Jan 2018, you can ask to change renewal to that date if it suits.
    1. Essential Connect Family;
    2. Essential Connect Health;|431&source=plans

    There will be price reductions on a total of 14 laya plans from January 2018, details not yet available on HIA website.
    Some useful information on the following link;

    There may be other offers from Irish Life and VHI also, which will be interesting to see when available.
    VHI are the only company to allow children to be insured without an adult. An adult is just named on the policy but just the children are insured.

    Lots of food for thought to consider and plenty of savings to be made. :)
    I will highlight anything worth mentioning when details are known soon.

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    Thank you so much! I have been paying €300 a month for a family of 5 for a corporate plan with daily care.

    My daughter got type 1 diabetes this year and apart from the hospital stay (which was public in Temple st) at €80 per night, health insurance doesn't cover anything! She doesn't even go to the gp much as everything via temple st public outpatient.

    We are also paying €120 a month for a digital blood glucose monitor (freestyle libre) which isn't (yet) covered on the long term illness scheme and nothing for it on health insurance - even though its been lifechanging.

    I am a bit disillusioned with the health insurance so figured might as well pay highest excess possible as long as we had access to all the Dublin hospitals and we could afford the excess if the worst happened and put some of the savings towards the glucose monitor.

    So it looks like we could get the Laya high excess plan and free kids for €142 per month, €120 for the libre and still have enough left over to self pay the daily care.

  6. snowyb

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    Laya healthcare will re-imburse that 80 euro per night fee, because you didn't sign the
    private health insurance form and stayed as a public patient - which you are fully entitled to do.
    You have saved them a big bill, over 800 per night, by staying public and also you have saved yourself the cost of consultant visits as a private patient, especially with a long term illness. Send the receipt as part of your annual day to day claim.

    Regarding the ongoing expense of the digital blood glucose monitor, you can claim 20% rebate through Revenue on a Med 1 form.

    Although this tax relief is a small enough amount, better than nothing.

    I would also contact your local Community Welfare Officer in your local SW office. They handle exceptional needs payments such as this
    monitor which is a financial strain on a family. They are helpful in these kind of situations, especially when it is not covered under the long
    term illness scheme.

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    Just to update re 'free child places' with Laya from 1 Jan 2018, the offer means you pay for the first child and all other children go free.

    Two plans included in the offer as follows;
    1. Essential Connect Family; child price 242pa;(just pay for the 1st child and the rest of the children are free)
    All public, private and Beacon hospital covered, private excess 300 X 1 max for admissions per policy per year regardless of how many people are on the policy, day case excess 300 per policy per year. Limited day to day cover.

    2. Essential Health 300; child price 248pa( just pay for the 1st child and rest of the children are free)
    All public, private and Beacon hospital covered, private excess 300 x 2 max per person per year, day case excess 125 per visit.
    Limited day to day cover.|394&source=plans

    VHI Half price offers for children from 1 January 2018 on all One plan range;
    Note; children can be with VHI on their own, an adult is just named on the policy but only the children are insured.

    1. One + Plan; price 148 per child; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, excess 125 per admission and day case. No day to day

    2. One Plan 150; price 130 per child; all public, private excess 150 per admission or day case. Limited day to day cover.

    3. One Plan Starter; price 80 per child; just public hospital cover on this plan. No excess applies to any public hospital. No day to day

    It won't allow amendments to the previous post to reflect the correct information re Laya child offers, correct plan should read 'Essential Health 300' and not Essential Connect Health.

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    Snowyb - thanks so much, had been on Laya Flex 500 Explore and will now switch to the Control 600 Connect to get access to Blackrock and Mater Private, they had been included previously but for only a few quid more (and a higher excess) I can get them on this scheme.