Best Buy Cheapest and best alternative to Tesco Mobile - Call + Data (Dual SIM Phone)?


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I have a dual sim phone - now both sims are with Tesco mobile. I am looking to change mobile service provider for one sim and leave the other SIM with tesco mobile itself.

Which is the cheapest pay as you use mobile service provider? I dont want to topup every month. When the credit finishes I prefer to top at that point.

Any link to compare the per min mobile phone call charges and per mb mobile data charge?

In case the tesco network goes down (which happened several times this year) I could use the other provider.

Also I would like to use this when I roam in other EU countries.

Any help regarding the best and cheapest alternative to tesco mobile considering value for money and good customer support?


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I am led to believe that 48 are the cheapest at 10 euros per month for the basic package which gives a certain number of freebies- I think it is 300 mobile minutes, all texts,3gb data and 60 minutes to landlines. They also have roaming. The downside is that you can’t make calls to premium numbers or competition lines . Calls To UK numbers are not included in the ten euros but you can buy extra credit. I think 48 was originally for 18 to 22 year olds bit is now open to all.


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Hi also runing a Dual Sim with Tesco I Moved over form ID to 3 on the 5e PM offer when ID Shutdown however
that plan will run out soon so the Cheapest replacement I see is Lycan with a 15e for25gb Data and all National calls
and txts PerM problem is Lycan seem to have a poor customer record