AIB Charlie Weston: 'Tracker redress scheme far from finished, contrary to what banks would have us beli


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Charlie Weston has a good piece in yesterday’s Sunday Independent referencing the AIB 3.69%ers and Brendan Burgess

Check it out here is case you missed it;

Also , remember the step by step guide to making your appeal created by Brendan can be found on below link€1615-tracker.211551/


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Out of interest if in the meantime you switched lenders away from AIB and this case was successful and low rate trackers are restored would you be entitled to switch back to the bank on the correct tracker rate. We are not with AIB but we are with PTSB and I believe there is a similar high case action about to begin or may have already started. We moved to BOI after PTSB gave us the 3.25% option.