Charlie Weston : The Last Word, Wrong about people ordering home heating oil from NI?

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by RMCF, Nov 23, 2011.

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    I read a while back about how some folk reckon the advice he gives isn't always accurate.

    Tonight he was talking about the cost of living, home heating oil etc, and he mentioned how the VAT on oil is lower in NI compared to RoI. Matt Cooper said something along the lines of "does that mean people are ordering oil from NI then". His answer was yes, which then made Matt say that with the cost difference it might be worth people as far south as Dublin ordering from NI oil distributors.

    As a Donegal resident I know that we cannot order NI oil and have it delivered. It is smuggling and companies caught doing it before in the North West have had heavy fines and lorries confiscated.

    There are companies that operate on both sides of the border, but if they supply to the South then they have to pay the same tax rates etc as other Southern distributors, and as such are no cheaper.

    Good to see a so-called 'financial expert' knows his stuff.