Changing from Virgin Media for BB to SKY BB Opinions

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by dodo, 22 Jan 2019.

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    Just checking before I change BB provider , I only use Broadband with Virgin Media cost each month 59E (240MB which at max I with cable get 80 MB) which is fast enough and have been looking at and SKY have a deal of 30E a month for 12 months and then 55E a month thereafter Plus 50E connection fee.
    Just wondering is SKY as good as Virgin Media as currently I am happy with BB with them but trying to save money.
    Virgin has offered 44E a month for 9 Months then back to 59E.
    Opinions would be great.
  2. dub_nerd

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    Virgin Media has enormously more bandwidth over cable than the others which use your phone line. (I'm surprised you're only getting 80 Mbps as I got almost the full 240 Mbps -- and now 360 Mbps -- from my VM connection). Performance of Sky/Vodafone/Eir etc. will completely depend on the quality of your phone line and the distance to the nearest fibre connected cabinet. They will offer speeds "up to 100 Mbps" but if you are a couple of kilometres from the cabinet you could see appalling actual speeds of 1 or 2 Mbps. I've also seen the full 100 Mbps attained with a cabinet at the end of the street, 200m away. You can check the location of the nearest fibre connection on their coverage maps and also get a line test.
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    One thing which is really unusual with Sky is that they answer the phone when you call their customer service line. The person who answers it will be a native English speaker. Don't underestimate that.
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    If you mean that you're connected to the VM router with an ethernet cable, does your computer support gigabit ethernet (1000 Mbps) and is your ethernet cable new? If connecting over Wifi, that will be your issue. Or it could even be your coax cable at fault.

    Another thing to consider - do you do much uploading, for work or for backups, media production etc? The larger upload bandwidth is the main thing keeping me on VM.
  5. dodo

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    Tks for replys. Very little downloading. Mainly for Netflix's. With 3 teenagers. House in Firhouse in an 20 yr old estate so should be close to main hub for connection I would think. So SKY looks like a Cheaper option.