Changes to Three contracts

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by random2011, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. johnwilliams

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    i dont use phone much, top up only when need (could be months apart)(pay as i use)
    now they have sent me text, contract change €20 every 28 days, too rich for my blood ,time to look elsewhere
  2. SBarrett

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    Got a the text from 3 mobile to say the terms on the business contract has changed and I can get out without penalty. When I joined them, I was told it would cost €45 incl VAT. What they quoted was actually ex VAT. Even still, bills range from €60 - €70 a month.

    Phoned Eir mobile this morning and they will give me unlimited calls & texts, 1500 calls & texts to UK for €25 a month. Rolling 30 day contract too as there's no handset. Only difference is 15G of data instead of unlimited. I'm on wifi most of the time anyway, so that's no big deal. Quite a difference in price!