Change to external wall finish after planning granted

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    We were granted planning permission for a 2 story rear extension at the second attempt. Our nextdoor neighbour lodged submissions on both occasions.

    The house is a 1940’s 2 up 2 down, we have an extension there presently which will be removed and then a new extension put in its place.

    The gable wall will run 300mm from the boundary between both properties. We have been refused access to her garden to render and paint this wall.

    I have no issue with that, as is her right.

    However we attempted to advise her that the wall would be left un-rendered and not pleasant to look at. She has advised she expects this to be rendered and painted per the planning application or she will lodge a complaint.

    We have an architect on board and require him to sign off for mortgage purposes so I doubt he would go down the route of building and applying for retention. We had thought building the wall overhand and rendering as we go to be an option, however our builder has discounted this option on the basis of health and safety.

    Another option would be to using a prefinished block, however we will not be able to paint this. This will likely lead to the neighbour raising a complaint.

    We have been advised to apply for section 5 in order to have the planning condition changed for that gable wall. So we can omit the painted render and use a prefinished block.

    The gable wall is not visible from the road and only visible from this neighbours garden.

    How likely will that change be accepted by the planners ? are there any other options open to us ?
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    Condition 1 of the granted planning will state that it must be built in a cordon W with the lodged plans.

    You can lodge a section 5 application asking if the change in finish requires planning and you’ll get an official answer from the planners.
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    If u explain the situation and propose a suitable alternative such as a pre-finished block there’s a good chance this would be accepted. Check with planning authority if it can be addressed by way of compliance with conditions on existing planning permission.