Health Insurance Change from Vhi to Laya?


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Hi Snowyb,
Would appreciate your opinion.

Female age 58, reasonable health, possibly need cataract surgery in next two years and use homeopathy, chiropody etc

I have multitrip with VHI including several other family members on that policy.
Current plan VHI PMI 3713. renewal 1st March 2020

Thinking of changing to Simply Connect or Simply Connect Plus which should cover cataract surgery and good day to day?
Will these plans also cover cataract surgery in Mater Private Cork without a shortfall?

If I change to Laya will this void my vhi multitrip policy ( end date Oct 2020) or could I nominate another family member as policy member?

Are there any similiar vhi plans to Simply connect that would cover Mater Cork cataract surgery?

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Hi curiouscat,

Welcome to AAM. Switching to Laya will not affect your VHI Multi-trip policy.
Laya Simply Connect is a good option which fully covers cataract surgery in all private and hi-tech hospitals including
Mater Private Cork.
This type of surgery is often performed as a day case procedure, which means you don't stay overnight.
If its done as a day case, the excess is 50 euro.
If it is carried out as an inpatient procedure, the excess is 150 on admission.

Strictly speaking, any pre-existing conditions would have a 2 year wait if you upgrade cover.
There are no similar VHI plans that fully cover cataract surgery in any private hospital.

Regarding day to day cover, there is a max refund of 500 per year. ie 50% of 1000 = 500.
This cover is allowable straight away, no waiting applies, regardless of age.

Regards, Snowyb


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As your renewal date was 1st March, tomorrow is your last day to change plans.