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  1. Paddylast

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    Have search the Forum for recommended hotels in Cork city but most go back to 2009. Anyone recommend the Clarion as opposed to the Imperial. Was warned that the Imperial suffers from street noise at night - people piling out of pubs etc.,!! Is the Clarion far from the centre?
    Would appreciate any recommendation. Need to be within walking distance of the city.
  2. JP1234

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    The River Lee and Lancaster Lodge are about 15 minutes walk from the city centre. They are practically next door to each other and both get mainly excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. I haven't stayed in either but am booked into Lancaster Lodge in a few weeks time, based on location as I find it difficult to sleep in noisy city centre hotels and also price River Lee was coming in at 130e for the night I wanted whereas Lancaster Lodge was 79e.
  3. becky

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    I stayed in the Imperial twice. It was okay but parking is limited.

    I stayed in the River Lee when it was called jury doyle? That would be my first choice. No problems with parking and a very nice breakfast. It's about 5 minute walk to Grand Parade, 15 to the end of patrick street but a nice pleasant walk.

    It's pricey but I got a deal at the time.
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    Or try Hayfield Manor if you want somewhere really special, Stayed about 2yrs ago and got the room for €100.00 for the 4 of us, Amazing place
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    Isaacs or the Metropole both on McCurtain Street and 10 minutes walk.
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    Stayed in the Clarion a couple of weeks ago. It's grand and is very central.