Central Bank research on who avails of the exceptions to the limits

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    From Page 4 in this
    Review of residential mortgage lending requirements

    "Under the Regulations, a share of new lending is allowed abovethe LTV and LTI limits on an annual basis, referred to as allowances in this report.

    Since the introduction of the measures, around 12.1 per cent of the value of in-scope PDH lending hasbeen above the LTV thresholds, compared to an annual maximum permissible amount of 15per cent for each lender.

    The corresponding value of lending above the LTI threshold hasbeen 14.4 per cent compared to the annual maximum amount of 20 per cent for each lender.

    LTV allowances have been more prevalent among SSBs, higher-income borrowers and

    while the LTI allowances have been more prevalent among lower-income
    borrowers, single persons and FTBs."
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    We are just about to go through the process and have been told by the bank we need to meet the criteria without exception .

    We would have a relativly high income compared to what we want to borrow but i changed jobs recently and this is likely enough to hinder us according to the customer service rep .
    We are going to go through the process anyway and see how it goes .