Carers Benefit


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Hi so confused. We have just learned that my husband may be going for a back operation next week.
All very sudden as we thought it would be in December or early next year. He will be recovering for a bit
and won't be able to do anything for himself for a few weeks or more, to be honest we just don't know how long.
Im hoping to go on carers benefit but I just looked at my salary slips and for a few weeks I worked less than 32 hours
a fortnight and in some weeks I worked more than 32 hours in a fortnight, is it all averaged? Another thing is that I do not have
26 continuous weeks as I was put on temporary lay off due to Covid and received PUP for 10 weeks. So basically
working since end of June till now. Prior to June on PUP for ten weeks. Prior to that working for company about 18 months.
Would I be eligible for the benefit do you think?