Announcement Carbon tax increases up to 2030 - but not now?

Gas propelled vehicles to be encouraged.

We will no longer purchase diesel only buses

We will join the Paris initiative on Green Budgeting

The NTMA will issue a Green Bond


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The gas propelled vehicle piece is bizarre. The entire world is moving towards hybrid petrol, full electric or the odd outliers still pushing hydrogen, but CNG/LPG? This is surely the work of some obscure lobby group?

The roll-back on the carbon tax increase is very disappointing considering how far we are already behind on our green initiatives compared to other countries.

I also see they've set a cap of €50k on the (new) cost of electric cars that can avail of the 0% BIK rate. Depending on how they treat cars bought last year under the programme, it could be a nasty shock for those who went out and leased €150k Teslas!