Car Insurance -first timer .. questions!




I've just bought a 94 1.2 corsa & am looking for insurance. i'm a 25yo female with no previous driving experience and the car is only worth a grand.

Everyones telleing me to go for 3rd party... is this right ? even if Comp is only 100 quid more expensive ?

Eagle Star have quoted me 1307 for 3rd p,f&t
Quinn Direct quoted 1275 and Axa 1,370 for 3rd p,f&t and 1460 for comprehensive...

What company should i go for ? i've read bad press about QD.. please advise, and also,
do i need a 'protected 'no claim discount' which will not be affected provided that not more than 2 claims occur during any 3 consecutive years of insurance ? If i take this from Eagle star, and if i change insurer next year, will i loose it ? or is it obselete if i take it cos this is my first year driving ?

I can't find any t&c's to insurance on the web & when you ask them on the phone they just babble on.

Any ideas & all advice is greatly appreciated !!

and no smart comments from the lads about women drivers !

Did you try 123?

Figures sound about right for what my friend is paying, 29 on second prov lic.

Did you try for a quote ?
And I found that getting quotes on the web was cheaper than ringing same company, something to do with different ways underwriting, anyhow give site above a go.
IFSRA recently produced this survey (PDF) [broken link removed]

Marion :hat
Thanks for the help


I've decided, after much agonising, researching and hunting on the net to go for AXA. They're the 3rd cheapest quote i got, but think they offer a better service all round.

The cheapest quote i got was from Quinn Direct - but i've read alot of bad press about them, so staying well clear - plus their excess is around the 300 mark.

Next were Eagle Star - but when they heard the car i was buying was 10 years old, he warned me not to buy anything older, as they're not keen on insuring antyhing over 10yo. When i asked if, in a years time i was renewing with them, would they insure me and how much my premium was likely to go down, providing i had no claims/penalties - he said 50euro. (due to the age of the car).

Axa on the other hand seem to offer better benefits, have more optional extras and i've heard good stories about them. and the guys on the phone are very nice and helpful. so they're getting my 1370euro.

I found brokers quoting above what Axa quoted me direct for 3pft.. but under for Comp.

thers also a good insurance compalint website - - have a look.

Thanks for the help,
Cheers.& enjoy the weekend.