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    As the title says but there is another piece of the story...

    The house was insured by the owner (elderly man) but 10 years ago the father put his son as an named person on the house insurance. However, the son has moved out and unfortunately father and son are no longer on talking terms.

    The elderly man seemingly can't get the son off the insurance without a letter from the son stating he is no longer on the insurance. We have looked at other insurance brokers but they will not insure the house because it is over 100 years old, in very good condition might I add.

    There was also a claim on the insurance to the value of 18.000 4 years ago. House fire, all repaired since.

    The issue is the son attached to the insurance that seems to be the main issue.

    Can anyone advise, tia.

  2. peteb

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    Allianz will do houses over 100 years. But its probably the claim that's putting people off.
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    We had great difficulty getting anyone to quote on our >100 years old cottage. (I don't think we tried Allianz). We eventually came across http://www.dolmen-insurance.ie who provided cover at a reasonable price.

    They might be another option for you to try.

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    There are probably a number of insurers on the market that will look at this, we would normally place cases like this with Lloyds, who have a broader risk appetite.
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    My house is over 200 years old and we use AIG. When we got it originally, we had to have a structural report done on the property but that was a once off and haven't had any trouble since. We have been insured with RSA in the past too.

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    let it lapse. Just prior to lapsing, most insurers will contact to let you know and you can probably take out new policy again.