Cancellation of Holiday Home Booking

Discussion in 'Travel, accommodation and restaurants in Ireland' started by Niall M, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Niall M

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    I this morning cancelled my booking for a holiday home for a few reasons:

    1. Check in was 4 pm
    2. Check out was 10am
    3. No towels were provided
    4. They wanted a security deposit on arrival of 150.

    I was told that they would be taking the full amount from my credit card as i cancelled with 15 days of arrival (i only booked last week).

    do i have any recourse, they say this alright in the terms and condition which i only only received after booking.

    any thoughts, thanks
  2. Sandals

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    Have house booked also for a week, all of your four points were stated on website, except deposit only €60. In fact on a quick phonecall to owner of the cottages, she said she'd provide towels as we've young kids. Check in/check out roughly the same as a hotel, so can't see it causing a major problem. I think homeowner really only has a few hours to clean after the last guests depart and you arrive.

    how did you book?
  3. BOXtheFOX

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    Most owners need a half day to clean an apartment or house after the previous guests have left. I don't see 4 p.m. as being terribly unreasonable if it was a house. Maybe so if it was a one or two bed apartment then I would have thought 3.p.m.

    I also think that asking you to check out at 10.a.m. is not unreasonable. Maybe 11.a.m would have been better however bed linen and towels have to be changed. Toilets, baths, sinks have to be cleaned and the place hoovered.

    You would want it clean for your visit. In a lot of places towels are not provided if the property is beach side. In any overseas apartment that I have rented there are towels provided but a condition that they are not for beach use.

    Security deposit is normal. In a lot of cases I have included this with my deposit 6 weeks before going and in one instance you only got your deposit back 28 days after leaving.
  4. huskerdu

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    I regularly rent holiday homes in Ireland and these four conditions are very standard.
    I personally think they are quite reasonable.

    I would suggest that you, in future, stipulate these demands up front when inquiring about holiday homes, if you are going to refuse to rent unless these demands are met.

    Were you misled on these points before booking ?
  5. bertie1

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    Those are standard conditions , if you were not happy you should not have booked . How are they going to fill the place withyou messing around?

    Check in & check out times are reasonable & standard , the place has to be ready same day for the next guests.
    There are no towels in 3 star properties
    I imagine you have no recourse
  6. notagardener

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    We booked a house for a week and the terms and conditions are similar, towels are provided but they recommend we bring extra ones (which we were going to) and the security deposit was €200. Fairly standard me thinks