Canal boat holiday - possibly in France

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  1. DeeFox

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    We are thinking of going on a short holiday in early June and are considering hiring a boat in France for a few days. Has anyone done this? And do you have any tips?! Thanks.
  2. Slim

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    No and, seemingly, few if any on AAM have. I recall Hugh Leonard used to wax lyrical about boating on the Canal du Midi and I would fancy a similar trip. Also, Rick Stein the chef, has a book about his trip on the Canal du Midi etc. Also, the Nantes-Brest canal is navigable and a popular destination. Also, look up a book called 'Narrow Boat to Carcassonne'. It's an account of a trip across the Channel and into the French canal system all the way down Carcassonne. Good read. If you go, would you post on here for our information?
  3. Bronco Lane

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    I remember watching Rick Stein's trip along the Canal du Midi. It looked really great until I saw the behind the scenes show about making the series. He said that they were plagued with midges and mosquitoes. We stayed in Carcassonne and went on a short trip along the canal that was great fun.