Can you be made redundant and replaced by a cheaper candidate

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  1. meepman

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    Can an employer make an employee redundant and then replace them with a cheaper candidate?

    Is that common practice or against regulations?
  2. Clamball

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    No your job cannot be replaced, but it could be a new employee may have some part of your old duties incorporated into a new job.

    Say you were a chef in a cafe and were made redundant and a new waiter was taken on part of which their duties were to make the meals as well as serve them.
  3. odyssey06

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    A 1-to-1 replacement would not meet the requirements of statutory redundancy, see pages 171-172.

    If the employer replaces 3 staff with 2 with a re-allocation of duties, that would meet the requirements I think.
  4. Bronte

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    No of course they can't do this. Officially. But they do it via other means such as a restructuring. If you've been made unemployed and replaced with someone doing your old job you need to see a good employment solicitor. Or talk to your union.