Can one opt out of Eir contract if price agreed increases.

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    I switched to Eir for TV,broadband & landline package in September 2017. Since then I have continuous problems with non compliance of the package that was agreed then. I spend about an hour on the phone to customer service & the loyalty team each month to rectify my bill. I have also asked them to change the name on the bill to include me. It is currently in my husbands name but with a prefix of Mrs. Each time I call I have to get my husband to give permission for them to speak to me ( he has hearing difficulties,and cannot converse on the phone) but they refuse point blank to change the name.
    The package quote was €85 per month, but with a 6 month discount of €35 in an 18 month contract.This discount wasn't implemented straight away & when I noticed it & queried same, I was promised it would be extended for another 6 months from Feb 2018. I also noticed the basic quote of €85 has now increased to €91.
    I have just received my March bill & the discount has not been applied as promised. I called but again they refused to speak to me & unfortunately my husband is in hospital & wasn't here to give permission! Right now I want to just get out of the contract as I can't deal with them anymore. Does the increase in package quote from €85 to €91 during the contract give me that right? Any help would be appreciated.
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    You generally have around 30 days from the time of a price increase to cancel a telecoms contract. Your rights and instructions on how to proceed should accompany any price increase notification.

    Check the terms & conditions of your original contract on the price to be applied at the end of your discount period. They may have allowed for the base price to increase during the discount period.