Can i stop worrying abut money?

Discussion in 'Money makeover' started by 52andout, May 16, 2016.

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    Great to hear from you again 52andout.

    A few quick thoughts:-
    1. Be careful not to let your expenses escalate too much - you have a distance to go yet!
    2. Global equities have performed very strongly in the very recent past but try not to peek at the value of your DC scheme too often - it's the long-term performance (20 years+) that really matters.
    3. Interest rates have certainly fallen further but then so has inflation (CPI is currently minus 0.3%). I still think 5-year State Savings Certificates are a great deal.
    I don't think you need to make any radical changes to your investment approach given your circumstances. You could take on more investment risk but to what end?

    Is there a particular area of the voluntary sector that you think could benefit from your time? I've no doubt that other posters will usefully put you to work once they have a sense of where your talents could best be employed!
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    Or ... You could always join Lucy Kellaway's campaign and become a teacher.

    How great would that be.

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    No you couldn't. You would find it almost impossible to get a job.
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    Look at charities in your local area, local knowledge is key. I support SVDP myself, there is a branch in every town.
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    I think this is very important for you. You've relatively young. It's important that you have a focus and an enjoyment. Now is the time to take up sport. Pick one you enjoy and that has a social aspect to it. Golf is a great one, takes ages, is healthy without being too much and has a great social aspect to it. However some people hate golf, that would be me, so something like a tennis club perhaps. If you don't swim, now is the time to go to class, very good exercise that. A daily walk. Get a dog, one that needs exercise, and will give you company at home. Take up art class, meet people that way.

    What is it you always wanted to do, then do that.

    I agree with the poster who suggested some wow holidays with your wife and child - don't underestimate that for wonderful memories. My kids, still young, they remember the most amazing things.
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    Thanks for suggestions .ALL Very helpful.
    I Agree don't need to to worry more about money .

    I will pursue the following:
    Holiday of lifetime spend even if aleady allocate 8k for holidays!!
    V de P agree v good
    Fitness will do some 5ks as pretty fit already

    Re teaching why no chance ?
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    There is no 'voluntary' teaching positions in Ireland to my knowledge, so you would be competing for teaching jobs with younger graduates etc. I imagine if you qualified as at teacher at say 55 - you might struggle to get a position in the field

    that said, I did not make the comment above - just adding my opinion to it