Can i registere a new company while working ?

Discussion in 'Askaboutbusiness' started by dave29, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. dave29

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    I'm thinking and registering a new company name and opening an online shop for the misses

    I need to be registered / have vat number so I can order from suppliers.

    I work full time and don't want my current employer to know i've registered a company name

    Will they find out ?

    Also does registering a company via CORE give you a vat number ? or once the company is registered i need to go to revenue and register with them ?

    Do I need to register for VAT if the company is not likely to make a lot of money?.

  2. osheamanning

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    You can set up an Irish company, however the directors and shareholders may be viewed through the companies Office, it is public information.

    And no, registering the company does not give you a VAT number, you need to do this seperately.

    And no, you do not have to register the company for VAT, although sometimes doing so, will give you an advantage. You need some advice on this.
  3. Seagull

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    If you want to hide this from your employer, why not just have your wife set up everything in her name? There may be an issue keeping it secret though if you want to be included as either a director or a shareholder. You might also want to consider your options as to what type of company to set up.