Can I recover my tracker ?


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Hi all,hope somebody can help me.
This all thing is very confusing to me,the more I'm reading about it-more complicated it look to me where I stand with my case:
Got my mortgage in feb.2006 rate was fixed for 1 year,at the end of a fixed rate I was given option which include tracker rate so I have chose it, 9 months later I have requested 2year fixed rate but no one from PTSB explain that I will not be able to get tracker back after fixed rate expires.Original Loan offer did not have tracker offer.I've asked my solicitor for some help with complain procedure to FSO and we got as far as FSO dismissing my case in favorite of PTSB.
Any advise where to go from here would be much appreciated.


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Hi Ginny I'd give Padraig Kissanne a call on this. I'd say he's a busy man at the moment but definitely worth getting in contact with


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Worth a call to Padraig probably but your case is not as clear cut as some. You did not start on a tracker so have no mention of it on your loan offer, when you switched to fixed the first time you were offered what was available rate wise when it finished which included a tracker, when you fixed the second time again you were offered what was available again which by that time did not include trackers. That to me seems the same as if when your fixed rate expired and you wanted another fixed and they were not available then you would only have the option of what was available. You couldn't demand another fixed just because you had one for a while.