Can I pay a sterling bill with my Irish euro cheque book?

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    This is not a share discussion.

    Greencore have a rights issue to buy a big US outfit. They have sent all shareholders an SAE with a take-up option on new shares at 9 for every 13 held, at a lower than mkt price.

    I guess that many of their shareholders are in Ireland. Greencore are now quoted on LSE in sterling. The issue is priced in sterling. They are asking us to affix a cheque if we want to proceed with take-up of cheap shares and indicate a price in sterling for full take up.

    My question: can I send them a cheque from my AIB cheque book indicating sterling as payment currency?
  2. Brendan Burgess

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    Hi Harold

    No, you can't pay in sterling from your euro account.

    It would be difficult to set a euro price for the shares as the euro/sterling rate is volatile at the moment. So paying in sterling is probably the only option.

    You will have to go to your bank and buy a bank draft in sterling for the amount you require.

    You should ring them to find out if you can pay in euro