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I was working full time up until October 2016, when i left to become a stay at home dad and claimed single parent payment which i signed off of in December as current partner moved in with me. However, i was not aware that i could still sign for credits. I was out of work from october 2016 until march 2018 where I am working now, but finishing up on Friday.

Can i claim JB as wont qualify for allowance as partner works?
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To claim jobseekers benefit you must have paid 104 prsi contributions since you first started work and 39 weeks of paid or credited contributions in the relevant tax year 13 have to be paid. The relevant tax year is two years Ago so if you claim in 2018 it would be 2016. There is a second criteria on offer which is 26 paid in the relevant tax year and 26 in the year previous to the relevant tax year. See the citizens information website.