Can an employer advertise your job......

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  1. Bob the slob

    Bob the slob Frequent Poster

    while you are still working there?

    Its all abit cloak and dagger but our jobs are being advertised on a recruitment website.

    is this legal?
  2. Dreamerb

    Dreamerb Frequent Poster

    It can be, but isn't necessarily.

    Are you on a fixed term contract? If so, your employer may be entitled to re-advertise if considering providing a further fixed term contract or even making the posts permanent. However, in such circumstances employers would usually inform the current post-holders so they too could apply for the job.

    If your job is permanent, it's a lot more dubious.

    There are a few people on AAM who are very well informed on HR issues and will be better able than I to give specific and accurate responses. In the meantime, it might be worth having a look at the National Employment Rights Agency website to see if it gives information relevant to your situation.

    Uncomfortable situation to be in, and I hope things work out.
  3. Jack2008

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    Just be careful that its not just the recruitment agency putting up old jobs to fill up their website!

    Have heard of this happening a lot recently from a niece of mine who works for a large well known recruitment agency. No new jobs coming in so they advertise old ones to bump up the site and make themselves look busy! Not really fair on potential employees who go to the trouble of applying!!

    Don't know if thats what your case is but it could be a possibilty!
  4. Bob the slob

    Bob the slob Frequent Poster

    From seeing the way they treat past employees its so they can see if there is anyone better out there. Last year they hired 12 new people, and gave them all 4 weeks to see how they got on, then kept three. The employees didnt know this but thats how they work.
  5. realt2009

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    same thing happened to me before christmas, job was advertised under a false name. when i approached employer about it i was told that it wasn't my job but two weeks later i was given my notice. get out now!
    i was only in job 2 months so nothing i can do about it.
  6. FutureProof

    FutureProof Frequent Poster

    Have you approached your employer about it?