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I got a call from an Asian-accented gentleman this evening who rang me on my mobile. This is my best recollection of the interaction:

"Good evening sir my name is [didn't catch it] and I'm calling you from GSK [I'm pretty sure about that] and we'd like to hear your responses to our questionnaire about faulty or dangerous products and their recall."

ME: Where'd you get my number from?

"We use a random telephone number generator called [didn't catch it] and I can give you my company details"

ME: No thanks, I'm not a customer of yours and you admit my personal phone number was randomly generated and I believe that cold calls of this kind are illegal, so I'm terminating the call.

"Have a good evening sir"

I've blocked the number on my phone.

Any thoughts. Strange yer man mentioned GSK as they have no reason to have me on their Christmas card list.

Any thoughts