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I am applying for Grant of Probate as one of two executors to my parents Joint Will. We require Probate in order to facilitate payment of a group scheme death benefit to my Dad. I would greatly appreciate some clarification on the questions below. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Part 6 (Questionnaire):
1(e) Date property was put into joint names
Is this the date when the mortgage commenced or another document, like deeds?

5(b) …state the position as to the election under Section 115 of the Succession Act, 1965
I’ve read a good bit into this but I’m still unsure as to which is appropriate: ‘Elect’, ‘Not Elect’ or ‘Not yet ascertained’? As I said, there are no disputes and my parents were Joint Tenants on the family home.

Part 7 (Schedule of lands and buildings) and Part 8 (Beneficiary Details):
Do I leave these two sections entirely blank, as they do not apply? With Part 8, my understanding is that my Dad as a spouse is exempt.

Finally, my parents had jointly held Prize Bonds. Should these be entered in Part 6 or elsewhere? And if so, what section?
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Since you asked so nicely...............I usually get paid for this but I'll make an exception.

Part 6
Date put in to joint names

This will be clear from the Deeds. It's very likely the date of purchase or could be later. Make your best stab at a date.

5(b) - Not elect is the answer.

7 and 8- yes, leave blank.

Prize Bonds- Part 6



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Thank you mf1, I appreciate the response! I'm just wondering with regard to your opening statement, is it not the purpose of this forum to seek and give advice?

I’ve found this forum really helpful and hopefully this thread might in turn help someone else preparing a personal CA24 application.

On the prize bonds, I contacted State Savings directly and they were so helpful. They were able to clarify a few questions for me and provide details on transferring prize bonds to the surviving holder etc.

Anyway, thanks again! I’ve nearly completed the form now.