CA24 - Leasehold or Freehold

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    Hi There

    Any advice welcome on this one.

    Completing CA24 and I need to find out if the property was Freehold or Leasehold, when Leasehold started and years remaining on Leasehold etc, and also a Folio number. It is an apartment.

    I have tried the online map at PRAI but it’s not registered, so folio number not available there.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is this anything to do with the Management Company?

    Many thanks.
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    You need to check out the Title Deeds for that info. If you don't have them is there a mortgage on property? They could be with lending agency who will give you a copy. Otherwise if no mortgage, owner of property should have them. Or could have put them in Bank or with solicitor for safe keeping.
    You will need them for Probate Office appointment if doing a personal application.
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    Thank you,

    There is a mortgage. The bank is pepper (BOS) who are not easy to deal with. Just to get the CA24 completed I was wondering if I could just call someplace to get the initial info as to weather it’s freehold or lease hold etc.
    And then follow up while waiting for the appointment.
  4. mf1

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    If its an apartment,it's definitely leasehold. Its' almost certainly for a term of 500 or 999 years.

    I know from personal experience with Pepper that they are not particularly helpful.

    You could try asking the solicitor who handled the original conveyancing if they have a Schedule of Deeds? It's bit cheeky if you're doing the Probate yourself.

    Otherwise, you could just describe the property as Leasehold, 500 years, with a term commencement date of January 1st whatever date the property was bought, if bought from new, or January 1st from whatever year it looks to have been built. Very little turns on it in the CA24

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    Thanks mf1, that's very helpful.