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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Keant1591, 18 Dec 2018.

  1. Keant1591

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    If you buy a phone online say off Done Done, new, sealed box from somebody who is getting an upgrade. If that person stops paying their bills, like if they die, emigrate etc can the phone you purchased from them be cut off??
  2. dub_nerd

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    Do you mean you are buying someone's phone upgrade off them while they are still on contract? That sounds seriously dodgy. Why would they pay your bill? You are depending on them not only to pay the bill but to get the phone unlocked at the end of the contract period. And yes, of course the phone will get cut off if they don't pay the bill.
  3. vandriver

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    The SIM will be cut off.But that won't affect the phone you've bought.
    The question is....does a network blacklist the IMEI for non payment?
  4. Cervelo

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    The last two phones I've purchased were from Adverts, one was a demo and the other was an upgrade, both are still working as should
    but like vandriver says "does a network blacklist the IMEI for non payment", I would have thought not
    But what does a network do when a phone is reported stolen, do they block the phone ??
    Bottom line is if you don't trust the seller or have a bad feeling, don't buy
  5. peteb

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    I buy and sell most my phones on adverts. Just look for someone one with good feedback. Safest thing is to buy it unlocked.
  6. Keant1591

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    Thanks for replies. IMEI is what i meant.
  7. Frank

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    have a look on

    sometimes the new phone aren't too bad on price.