Buying out a spouse on a house in negative equity and with judgement mortgages

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My husband and I have recently decided to separate but when I went to visit our mortgage bank about what our options are with the house they told me there are two judgement mortgages against it in respect of two loans which my husband had not paid to another bank.

I was unaware of the judgement mortgages as my husband had hidden the document which notified us that it was been taken against us.

The house is in negative equity of approx. €50k but I would like to buy him out and could probably just about afford it if I pay off my car loan.

At the moment he is not paying his half of the mortgage or utilities because he can't afford it.

He is unwilling to come with me to the bank because he is ashamed of his debts and won't talk to anyone about it.

What is the best option for me? And what impact do the judgement mortgages have on me and the house?

The house was bought jointly in 2006 and there was no agreement put in place at the time about what we would do if we split up.