buying house in Galway, yes/No places?


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Thinking about buying a house in and around Galway city. Ideally within 30 minutes drive from city and preferably 10 to 15minutes walking distance from a primary school. Please suggest the places to avoid and places to consider. Moved to Galway from Cork last year, currently renting. Thanks in advance.


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I hate treads like this, people that never lived in a place are going to start bashing towns they might have just passed looking out the window of there car.


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I agree. Certain areas are going to get bashed based on bias and stupid reasons. One persons dinner is another persons poison so to speak. I know Galway extremely well and wouldn't put down anywhere or say anyone should avoid an area.


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Depends entirely on where your life is based. Whatever you do just don't sign up to cross the river ever day to work/hobbies etc!

As a blow in I find it is a generally very safe, friendly city and the schools tend to be all high quality.

Think about your budget, taste in houses (New build with 3 bathrooms? Tiny centuries old stone cottage? Renovator's dream?), preferences for schools (traditional Catholic? Gaelscoil? Educate Together? Steiner?), ability to commute (don't own a car and need to live in the city? Happy to drive in from Spiddal or Clarinbridge every day and back?) etc etc. Once you've narrowed that stuff down the possible locations will become a lot more obvious.


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You could have given us a bit more information. Tirellan Heights has good location, and solid 3 bed semi D's. If you can afford more than Rahoon has more space. Other side of the city look at the likes of Monalee Manor etc.

The traffic is chronic however so I'd advise against the commuter towns for example like Oranmore or even worse Clarinbridge. But it all depends where you work, which you also have not given us one clue.


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I'm a native and would suggest somewhere like Carnmore. Rural but less than 10 kilometers from the city with a national school.

Athenry too. Primary and secondary schools with a train service and bus service public and private. Was there at the weekend and it needs a bit of love.