Buying a new Skoda Karoq

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    My father is considering buying a new Skoda Karoq.

    It would be his first SUV, has owned several Octavias up to now.

    No trade in, straight cash deal.

    The 1.0L TSi petrol Ambition trim spec is 28,350 + 750 delivery = 29100, less any straight deal discount.

    He got 8.26% discount last time, so assuming the same again now means 26,772, say 27k?

    Now thinking of buying a 1 or 2yo S/H model from NI, to avoid the early years depreciation.

    I welcome any advice, thank you.

    I checked, just 4 Karoqs diesel, I assume this is because it was launched in 2017?

    And only 1 of the 1.0L TSi engine.
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    Prefer the seat ateca, more or less the same car
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    Have a look at Don't limit search to NI as dealers there add a grand or two to 'mainland' prices. There are some dealers in NI who operate a collection service for a fee of about £250. Buy from reputable dealers with vehicle check and warranty.