Buying a home - structural survey - is it necessary?

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    Its a Building Surveyor you need (as opposed to architect, quantity surveyor or general practice surveyor) - they are qualified to diagnose damp, dry rot, wet rot, structural problems etc etc. And if it is a FULL structural survey, then he/she should absolutely crawl around the attic, pull up a floor board and do everything else that a FULL structural survey entails. As mentioned above they have insurance.

    Don't know anyone in Donegal unfortunately, can recommend someone I used in Midland area some years ago now...

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    Got someone sorted. Coming from the North to do it, and they are aok with doing surveys in RoI. Their insurance covers it.

    I got a good run down on what exactly it would entail, and it seems thorough enough. Worth it for piece of mind I guess. Only thing that isn't checked is the foundations, as this would require the drilling of holes.

    They are civil engineers btw, if anyone else is interested. Said in one of their last house surveys they discovered a dodgy roof and damp, which the builder had to agree to fix before the house was sold to the buyer. I guess in that example they have paid for themselves.

    Thanks for all the feedback in this thread.
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    I am looking to buy a 90 year old house. I have been asked by the bank to get an architect report done. There is known damp in property as it is. What will an architect check as apposed to a quantity surveyor...
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    They've better insurance...

    The surveyor probably noted something in the report that he didn't investigate / say how to resolve.