Buy house for daughter or lend her the money.


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I’d like to help my daughter to own her own house. Current situation is she is a single Mam with 3 kids. Has joint ownership of a house with her ex-partner who left 4 years ago and has not contributed to mortgage. House is just about to leave negative equity. There are life policies on the mortgage which mean either my daughter or her ex-partner get the house should either one die.
For peace of mind all round, I would like to either
- buy the house in my name
- lend my daughter the money to clear the mortgage and set up a repayment scheme.

I am loath to enter the landlord rental business again due to bad experience with tenants previously.

My preference is to buy the house in my name, agree a regular payment with my daughter. In any event, I would leave her the house. Her ex-partner would like to come off the mortgage so there should not be a problem with title deeds.

Are there any issues regarding tax which I need to consider?